Thursday, May 8, 2014

"THE FASHION GUY WITH THE VINTAGE EYE" presents House Of ilona (Clergy Collection)

Camelle Daley 
Founder of "Houe Of Ilona" Clergy Collection
(Camelle Daley in center with two models)

WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY??? These are all the questions that plagued my mind when I found out of a fashionable clergy collection for woman. Does the name Camelle Daley ring a bell to you? Well that name answers my WHO; this London College of Fashion graduate is a British designer out of Milton Keynes, UK and has created a collection that I believe is phenomenal and will change the face of fashion for Christian woman and maybe even men here in the USA. Designer Camelle Ilona Daley, founder of "House Of ilona" has designed a line called "The Clergy Collection". This line features different fashionable woman's clothing with a clergy collar attached. On her website you will be able to find peplums, sheath dresses, shift, shirt dress, bell sleeves, and other forms of woman's attire with a clergy collar. Fashion Designer Camelle Daley said she was presented with this challenge after a friend came to her who was recently ordained asking for a flattering and fashionable clergy dress. This was after that friend was turned off by the unflattering clergy shirts that's universally used for clergymen. I'm sure in the Christian community I am apart of either will adapt to this absolutely fashionable look of clergy wear or will shun it likes it's the omen. I believe if you have the right motives when it comes to ministry and your life is lined up with the word of God ( as the old saints say "I got it like the bible says"), then what is wrong with being fashionable in the pulpit. Camelle Daley said to a local media outlet in the UK that she added this dress to her website and began receving orders from all over the world within a few days. Camelle Daley clergy designs are aimed at helping women are ordained into the ministry, retain their femininity but exude the spiritual authority in which they walk in. If you are interested in ordering any of these looks I definitely urge you to check her out on her website at, (Pinterest) /houseofilona, (Twitter) @camelledaley, (Facebook) /houseofilona. Her prices are pretty reasonable now but I forecast as more orders come in the likelihood of her prices to stay the same isn't practical. I definitely will introduce my Pastor to the "House Of ilona" being that she is a female member of the clergy and compell her to order a piece or two or three LOL.

"I love to design and this is my way of giving back to the woman in ministry who have affected my life so greatly"

Camelle Ilona Daley 

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